My friend Pastor Larry Stockstill lives what he teaches. Through integrity and humility, he has established a legacy of honor, influence, and power. Model Man is an essential read for every man who wants to do the same.

  • —John Bevere
  • Author/minister
  • Messenger International
  • Colorado Springs/United Kingdom/Australia

If anybody knows how to take the journey from integrity to legacy, it’s Larry Stockstill. I’m so glad he’s written Model Man as a road map for the rest of us!

  • —Greg Surratt
  • Pastor of Seacoast Church
  • Mt. Pleasant, NC

In a world of personal failure, mediocrity, and shortcuts to success, Larry Stockstill gets to the heart of what makes the man we all want to be. Larry is the man to write such a book. His life of great exploits and integrity is one of a model man.

  • —Tommy Barnette
  • Phoenix First Assembly
  • Los Angeles Dream Center

This book is so needed right now! More than ever, we need to be challenged as men to live the lives Christ designed for us. We can be a model man in a world that tries to convince us to be mediocre. Pastor Larry is a prophetic voice to all of us, and I am grateful for his influence in my life.

  • -Brady Boyd
  • Pastor, New Life Church
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Author of Addicted to Busy

Larry Stockstill knows that when men take their rightful place, things fall into place. Model Man by Pastor Larry Stockstill is an essential, insightful, and timely message. Our world is aching for the model man, and this book is paramount for its healing.

  • -Steve Vaggalis
  • Destiny Worship Center
  • Destin, Florida

In a world of confusion, disorder, and disappointment in the example of leaders, it is refreshing to hear a call back to simply becoming a model for people to emulate. My experience in the business, athletic, and spiritual worlds have taught me that these principles can shape a man into someone God can reproduce thousands of times. I encourage you to read this book and become a model man.

  • -John C. Maxwell
  • Best-selling author and speaker

Larry Stockstill writes a compelling message on what we as men must model. Here in the Indiana District Assemblies of God, one of our core values is TEAM. The M stand for “model.” I believe what we model in private is what God reproduces in our lives, families, and ministries. I love Larry and the great ministry he has poured into our hundreds of ministers in Indiana.

  • -Donald Gifford
  • Superintendent
  • Indiana District Assemblies of God

There is no greater crisis in the world than the condition of the average man. When you consider the number of men who are unfaithful in marriage, abandoning their children, hooked on porn, and financially irresponsible, it is staggering. And that is Christian men! There is no greater challenge than giving our men transformational tools like this powerful book, Model Man, to turn things around. Thanks to Larry Stockstill, who is a model man, we have hope. This is a book every man needs in his life.

  • -Mike Hayes
  • New Covenant Church
  • Carrollton, TX

It is with deep conviction I affirm Larry Stockstill’s new book Model Man. There is nothing more critical or effective than to see a man become a real man—real by the wisdom of our creator’s plan and purpose-filled values, and by the real power of God’s Spirit breathing His life into a man who welcomes His grace and “new man” capability. Larry’s a dynamically qualified writer and speaker. Read Model Man, and if you have a chance, attend one of his Remnant conferences.

  • -Pastor Jack W. Hayford
  • Chancellor, the King's University
  • Van Nuys, CA

Pastor Larry Stockstill has hit the ball out of the park with his new book, Model Man. Too many Christian men are not finishing well, so it is refreshing and empowering to read a book that challenges men to take seriously their role as a Christ-fearing leader, a role that starts at home and progresses into their sphere of influence. I have personally witnessed Pastor Larry live and model a life of integrity for the last ten years. He has set an example that has encouraged me to lead my network of churches with integrity, compassion, and love. Let this book be a challenge to model the greatness that God intended for you.

  • -Pastor Rick Ciaramitaro
  • President of Open Bible Faith Fellowship
  • Windsor, ON

Pastor Larry Stockstill is a man of great character and integrity who has a heart for raising up the next generation of godly men. He has his hand on the pulse of culture and understands the crying need for men to rise up and be servant leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities. There’s no greater man to lead this charge than Pastor Larry. Model Man is a must- read and is an overflow of Larry’s life, family, and ministry.

  • -Steve Robinson
  • Church of the King
  • Mandeville, LA

Pastor Larry Stockstill is a living example of the model man about whom he writes. His life is a wonderful book we all can read. Any man who wishes to be an effective and successful father and husband will benefit from reading this outstanding book.

  • -Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
  • Pastor, West Angeles Church of God in Christ
  • Los Angeles, CA

In a world plagued by moral and ethical failure, we need to be men who will stand up for the truth and live admirable, godly lives. In his book Model Man, Larry gives great wisdom and counsel to men about leaving a legacy of honor and integrity for those who will follow them. This is a must-read for all men striving to be a man worth modeling.

  • -Dr. Tom Mullins
  • Founding Pastor, Christ Fellowship
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Pastor Larry Stockstill has modeled leadership along with the most unmovable integrity that I have ever been around. There is no other pastor on the planet who can teach the subject of being a model man with more authority or passion. For decades, I have personally seen the impact Pastor Larry has had in transforming weak men into warriors for Christ. When men reach their godly potential, it changes families, churches, workplaces, and even the world. This book inspires and motivates men to leave mediocrity and stretch for greatness. Thank you, my mentor, pastor, and friend.

  • -Rick Bezet
  • New Life Church
  • Little Rock, AR

Normally the phrase Image is everything carries a negative connotation. But in Model Man, Pastor Larry Stockstill proves that it really is true. However, it’s not the perfection of our own image that’ll give us the life we desire; it’s relentlessly pursuing the perfect image of Christ. As a good friend of Larry’s for years, I have watched him lead a life that truly reflects what he teaches. His book will, without a doubt, challenge you to live a life of integrity and will convince you that a great legacy is possible for you and your family.

  • -Jim Graff
  • Lead Pastor of Faith Family Church
  • Founder of the Significant Church Network

Larry Stockstill's message cuts into the core of our nation's crisis - a lack of consistent, godly men standing up to the tidal wave of immorality that's threatening to engulf us. Without a revival of Model Men we are doomed to drown in the sea of depravity.

  • -Dr. Tim Clinton
  • Author and President of American Association of Christian Counselors

Larry would not want me to say this, but Larry Stockstill is the model man. I've seen him mentor and come alongside many people over the years I've known him, so it's natural for him to share his knowledge and advice in Model Man. In the book, he takes on the role of a coach to show us how we can become model men - in our homes, workplaces and churches. This short, quick read provides practical tips about leadership while inspiring men everywhere to step up and leave a legacy of integrity.

  • -Robert Morris
  • Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
  • Southlake, TX
  • Bestselling author of The Blessed Life, From Dream to
    and The God I Never Knew

In a world where media uses fathers as jokes and disappointments, men are looking for guidance and encouragement about what a man after God's own heart looks like today. In Model Man, Pastor Larry defines what the Bible says about the man that Christ lived and died for you to become. Every area of your life will be tested, marriage, finances, friendships, parenting and spirituality. Your life is a marathon, and to run a marathon, you need a plan. This book will help you build a plan of success.

  • -Pastor Joe Champion
  • Senior Pastor, celebration Church
  • Austin, TX

Larry Stockstill is a father in the faith who powerfully models a life of character and substance. This book will inspire and equip men with the principles they need to lead their lives the same way. Time to step up and lead the way, men! Read this book today!

  • -Stovall Weems
  • Senior Pastor, Celebration Church
  • Jacksonville, FL
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